The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency will end April 1st 2023, and all MassHealth members will need to renew their health coverage.  

It’s IMPORTANT to make sure MassHealth has your most up to date address, phone number, and email so you do not miss important notices or risk loss of coverage. Report any household changes including a new job, address, changes to your income, disabilities, status, or pregnancy.

If MassHealth is not able to confirm your eligibility, they will send a renewal form in a BLUE envelope to the mailing address they have on file.

Reporting your changes to MassHealth can be done online, over the phone, in person, by mail, or through fax. Click here to report your changes.

Due to recent action by the federal government, the extra COVID SNAP benefits are ending March 2, 2023 in Massachusetts. Starting in April, you will get only one monthly payment. That is your normal benefit. Visit to learn how you can get the most SNAP and save some of it to help after March 2.