We SCREEN to protect you, your families and our staff:

  • We screen all employees daily—anyone with symptoms of possible Covid-19 infection is not allowed to come to work until they are cleared of any risk to staff or patients
  • On arrival, we screen all patients and visitors for symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection
    • Outpatients are screened prior to arrival in most cases, and if symptomatic, are cared for via virtual visits
  • We limit visitors coming into the health center, and screen visitors for symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection. We ask visitors with symptoms to defer their visits

We CLEAN our hands and spaces, and make it easy for you to do the same:

  • We have established cleaning protocols throughout the health center
  • We have added hand sanitizer stations so patients, visitors and staff can clean their hands easily and frequently; and provided visual reminders to practice hand hygiene

We PROTECT everyone in our environment:

  • We require all people —employees, patients and visitors—to wear a new facility-issued surgical mask in patient care areas
  • We have rearranged spaces to accommodate physical distancing by removing chairs from waiting rooms and, in some areas, installing plexiglass barriers

Additional safety measures that we have implemented include:

    • Developing and implementing infection control policies to care for patients with suspected and confirmed COVID-19
    • Allowing some employees to work remotely if possible