Help us reach our $35,000 Fundraising Goal!

Join NEW Health in giving back to our communities. With an unwavering commitment to improving lives, we tirelessly provide high quality medical services, personalized patient attention, and community outreach programs that touch hearts and transform futures. By donating, you empower us to extend a healing touch to those in need and expand access to healthcare. Join us in our journey to giving back our neighborhoods.

Community Care Leaders

As our fiscal year comes to an end, we want to give special recognition to some of our most generous contributors who helped us reach our fundraising goal this year. Their support allows the health center to continue providing our high quality healthcare to our most vulnerable populations and grow our additional services such as the Food Insecurity Program, HIV Prevention Team, and Elder Home Care Services.

Honor Roll of Donors

The annual Honor Roll of Donors recognizes the many generous donors who support NEW Health and celebrates the achievements in our community that their gifts make possible. We are so grateful for their generosity and giving back to our communities.
Steven Alley
Jason Aluia
Gillian Avery
Edward Ballantyne
Megan Barrow
Brittany Beale
Kathleen Becker
Evniki Blaker
Brittany Canniff
Shirley Carr
Denise Clancey
Donna Cohan
Sarah Cunningham
Deborah Currie
Susan Czernicka
Bethany Daily
Julie Dardano
Pauline Dessertine
Dimitra Dimopoulou
Caitlin Dockendorff
Steven Doyle
Lisa Federici
Leslie Forbes
Paul Foster
Lori Fox
Nancy Frattaroli
Benjamin Fry
Lacey Hilliard
Jasmine Howard
Elizabeth Hurley
Ellen Janos
Carmela Laurella
Amy McAndrews
Mary Ann Milano
Amanda Mitchell
Erika Omansky
Rita Pagliuca
Alvah Parker
Christine Phaneuf
Meredith Piscitelli
Michael Primo
Joan Raffa
Neil Redlener
Timothy Reinold
Elizabeth Ritvo
Daniel Rodas
Vin Scibelli
Marilyn Stempler
Nancy Sullivan
Dorothy Terrell
Elizabeth Turnock
Libby Williams
Elaine Wilson

Volunteer Opportunities

Want to help NEW Health continue its mission? We are always looking for volunteers to help with outreach efforts. Please fill out the form below or email Danny Coakley for more information.

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