Since its inception in 1971, NEW Health has stepped up to provide affordable healthcare to the most vulnerable in our communities. We are one of over 1,400 health centers in the country that play a crucial role in providing affordable healthcare to more than 30 million individuals, ensuring access to care regardless of their financial situation.
Help us in continuing our efforts by joining our Advocacy Network. Joining our network gives you access to upcoming legislation that directly impacts our health centers and communities. By voicing your support, NEW Health and health centers nationwide can continue our work and support the millions of Americans that rely on us for their care.
Due to our advocacy efforts, the Advocacy Center of Excellence has awarded NEW Health Gold ACE status for 2023.
When choosing the health center network you want to join, please put “North End Waterfront Health.”

Federal Representatives

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Phone- (617) 565-3170

Senator Ed Markey

Phone- (617) 565-8519

Rep. Ayanna Pressley

Phone- (617) 850-0040
Represents Charlestown

Rep. Stephen Lynch

Phone- (617) 428-2000
Represents North End

State Representatives

Senator Lydia Edwards

Phone- (617) 565-8519
Represents both NE and Charlestown

Senator Sal DiDomenico

Phone- (617) 565-3170
Represents Charlestown

Rep. Aaron Michlewitz

Phone- (617) 565-3170
Represents both NE and Charlestown

Rep. Dan Ryan

Phone- (617) 565-8519
Represents Charlestown

Health centers are healthcare homes to many underserved groups in the United States including…

1 in 5 Uninsured Americans

1 in 3 Americans Living in Poverty

3.3 Million Elderly Patients

8.6 Million Children

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