NEW Health’s team of Community Health Workers provides comprehensive support to help you access the care you need. They excel in connecting you to essential community resources, including healthcare appointments, insurance, billing, prescriptions, and transportation. Your well-being is our top priority, and our Community Health Workers are here to ensure you have the support and resources for a healthy and fulfilling life.
Our community health services are staffed by professionals trained to deliver culturally sensitive care, including Spanish language proficiency. We prioritize effective communication and cultural competence to ensure we meet the diverse healthcare needs of our community.
For more organizations in your neighborhood, check out our Community Resources page.

MassHealth Assistance

NEW Health’s Community Health Workers are able to help you apply for MassHealth insurance! 
Do you have MassHealth? You may be eligible for free transportation to medical appointments.
We can submit requests to have this on file!
If you already have PT1’s on file, please call MART at (866) 834-9991 or use the button below to book your individual rides!

Applying for Public/Subsidized Housing

Using the button below, you can start an application for housing all across Massachusetts. If you need further help, please make an appointment with one of our Community Health Workers.

Public Benefits Support

Our Community Health Services’ team is also able to help patients apply for a wide range of public benefits including: 
  • SNAP (Food Stamps)
  • Social Security benefits
  • Cash benefits through DTA
  • WIC