Welcome to NEW Health’s Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services. We’re a team of specialists dedicated to supporting your journey toward recovery. Our commitment is to assist you comprehensively, empowering you to succeed. Our health center appreciates your decision to partner with us as you pursue a life in recovery and take the necessary steps towards transformation.
Change is a challenging process that unfolds gradually over time. Your motivation for change is rooted in your values and unique life story. The journey ahead involves acquiring skills to manage difficult emotions, prevent relapse, and establish a supportive network. With these skills, NEW Health will help boost your confidence in your recovery and personal growth. We believe change progresses at an individual pace and strive to support you on this transformative path.

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You can book an appointment or get more information from one of our recovery coaches by calling/texting (617) 721-2846.

Our Services

Our services include a multi-disciplinary team who will meet with you regularly during your care. We believe that to provide the best services possible we must address your medical, social, and psychological needs. Your behavioral health and medical providers will work closely together to offer you comprehensive treatment. This treatment can include:
  • Addiction focused therapy
  • Medication to treat cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Peer support through recovery coaching
  • Assistance with connection to treatment centers based on patient preference and need.
  • Group therapy
  • Harm reduction guidance and support
  • Access to resources to combat food insecurity, housing instability and other psycho-social needs to help support recovery
If at any time during your treatment you are struggling with an issue or misuse of any substance, please inform your treatment team so that you can receive support. We aim to combat stigma and work with you to create an individualized plan to reach your recovery goals.

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