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“Health Center Heroes” Celebrated August 12-18

During the week of August 12-18, 2018, community health centers across the country will be celebrating National Health Center Week; annual event meant to bring awareness to community health centers across the country, and to highlight all they do for their host communities. The week is organized by the National Association of community health centers. This year’s theme is “health center heroes;” Many health centers will be holding events throughout the week. 

1 in 12 Americans get their care from one of the 1,400 health centers across the nation. They serve more than 25 million patients in areas from primary care, behavioral health, dental, vision, pharmacy, and more. Anyone can visit a community health center, but they specialize in the care of low-income citizens, many of which would not be able to receive care otherwise. 

NEW Health will be hosting its annual North End Jamboree on August 16, an event with kids from the Nazzaro Center summer program. Please take a moment to view the graphic below for more information on America’s health centers, and their great positive impact on healthcare. 

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