North End Coalition to Hire Staff

On Tuesday, May 28, the newly formed North End Coalition met to start formulating a strategy for preventing and addressing the substance misuse affecting our community. The Coalition is looking to hire a program director and community outreach worker through federal and state funding. Once a director is hired, the The coalition will develop a strategic plan based on community input and needs assessment. 

Strategies to prevent substance use often include alternative activities and skill building of teens, education and social marketing, evidence-based curriculum programs, decreasing substance access campaigns, decreasing stigma events and navigating entry into treatment. To assist the director in implementing those strategies, a community outreach worker will also be hired. The role of this person will be to support connections and linkages to community resources and provide vision-driven hope and encouragement for opportunities at involvement in community-based activities. 

The Coalition consists of community-based organizations and residents who are interested in the education, prevention, and treatment of health affected by the substance misuse occurring in our community by residents and visitors. The members of the Coalition are currently working on job descriptions which will be posted soon. 

For further information, Please contact Norma Reppucci, NEW Health SUDS Director at 857-238-1182 

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