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Impact of screen time on your child’s eyes and when you should bring them in for an eye exam

Now that it is “back to school” time, you may also be thinking about their vision in the classroom. Digital screens have become a common part of a child’s world, being used for interactive play, reading, learning, and to socially connect.

Increased time using digital devices, such as cell phones, computers, or tablets, especially when held close to the child’s face, can make undiagnosed vision problems worse, or create new symptoms.

The AOA recommends regular eye examinations every 1-2 years, with a child’s first eye examination in infancy and at least once between ages 3-5. If you’d like to schedule an eye exam for yourself or your family, please call our NEWH Vision Department at 617-643-8179 (North End location) or 857-238-1113 (Charlestown location).

For more information about eye health, you can visit The American Optometric Association: Eye Health For Life page and The American Optometric Eye Association: Comprehensive Eye Exam page

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