North End Waterfront Health’s Dental Department has been providing quality, comprehensive, and affordable dental services since 1977. Our interdisciplinary team of highly experienced professionals is committed to providing thorough dental health services to adults and families.


The dental department offers the following services to adults and families:

  • Comprehensive oral evaluations
  • Emergency care and evaluation
  • Dental radiographs
  • Limited Periodontal treatment and regular dental hygiene care
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Limited fixed prosthetics (crown and bridge)
  • Removable prosthetics (partial and complete dentures)
  • Limited endodontics
  • Limited oral surgery
  • Tooth whitening and fluoride trays
  • Mouth guards (sports and occlusal guards)

The Dental Department offers all of its services in English, Albanian, Italian, Armenian, Russian, and Spanish language translation services are available in the Department. Services are provided on a sliding fee scale and most insurances are accepted.

To schedule a dental appointment please call the Dental Department at North End: (617) 643-8070 or Charlestown: (857) 238-1106

North End Fax: (617)724-9753

Charlestown Fax: (857)238-1197