Starting April 1st, all members will need to renew their coverage.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, MassHealth put protections in place that prevented members from losing health insurance coverage.

These protections ended April 2023 and MassHealth will need to renew all current members to ensure they are still eligible for coverage. These renewals will take place over 12 months. This means you can get your renewal forms in the mail at any time between April 2023 and April 2024.

All members need to ensure that MassHealth has the most up-to-date mailing address, phone number, and email so that no important information is missed. 

Reporting your changes to MassHealth can be done online, over the phone, in person, by mail, or by fax. Visit the MassHealth website at to update information or renew your coverage. 


Do you need help renewing your MassHealth coverage?

Our trained Community Health Workers are Certified Application Counselors (CAC) for MassHealth and Health Connector enrollment. We are offering MassHealth Walk-In Hours to help our patients renew during this time. Hours are offered Monday & Thursday 9am to 12pm at our Charlestown site, 15 Tufts St. We have staff that speak both English and Spanish. We will help fill out, mail, and fax all the required documents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting April 1, 2023, all current MassHealth members will need to renew their health coverage to ensure they still qualify for their current benefit.  

In March 2020, the federal government declared a public health emergency (PHE) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. MassHealth protected members’ MassHealth coverage ending during the COVID-19 emergency.    

The federal government has ended the PHE, so MassHealth will return to its standard annual eligibility renewal processes. The process is called ‘MassHealth Eligibility Redetermination’

Update your contact information. Your address, phone number, and email should be up to date. 

Report any household changes. These include a new job, address, changes to your income, disability status, or pregnancy.  

Create an MA Login Account at If you are under 65, it’s the fastest way to renew or update information for MassHealth and Health Con­nector. 

Look out for BLUE mail from MassHealth. MassHealth will mail renewal forms in a BLUE envelope that will require your action. Look out for all mail and act promptly. 

Take action! If you get a blue letter from MassHealth, you must respond to keep coverage. 

If you need help, call us to make an appointment with one of our Community Health Workers. They are MassHealth Certified Application Counselors and can help fill out or fax forms.

Under 65 years old:  
  1. To complete it online: Login to your MA Login account at 

  1. To complete it by phone: 800-841-2900. 

  1. To submit by mail or fax: Review the pre-filled packet included in the packet. Mark any changes, sign, and return it to MassHealth.  

 Over 65 years old:
  1. Schedule an appointment with one of our Community Health Workers or with another MassHealth Enrollment Assister. 

  2. To submit by mail or fax: Review the pre-filled packet included in the packet. Mark any changes, sign, and return it to MassHealth. 

There is no guaranteed date for when you will get your renewal. In general, you will be renewed based on your last renewal or when you joined MassHealth.  

If you did not respond to your last renewal letter from MassHealth last year, MassHealth will send you another renewal before the end of December 2023. 

If you did respond to your last respond renewal, MassHealth will redetermine your coverage within a 12 month timeframe. 

You can find this information by visiting a local MassHealth Enrollment Assistance Center or with your MA Login Account.   

Don’t worry, we can help. If you think you may no longer be eligible for MassHealth, there are still other affordable health coverage options are available through Health Connector.  

Our Community Health Workers are Health Connector Certified Application Counselors. Call us to make an appointment to explore your options. 

You can also visit or call 1-877- MA ENROLL (1-877-623-7773) to find out your options.