NEW Health stands with the LGBTQ+ community, affirming its commitment through a range of comprehensive services and care. From accessible and compassionate healthcare tailored to the specific needs of LGBTQ+ individuals, to the cultivation of a safe and inclusive environment, every facet of the center’s operation underscores its dedication. Cultural competence training ensures that staff members understand the unique challenges faced by the community, fostering an atmosphere of trust and understanding where everyone feels valued and respected. 

How We Care

Your Providers

At NEW Health, our dedicated healthcare providers are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care tailored to your unique needs. We believe in holistic healthcare that takes into consideration every aspect of your life, including your sexual orientation and gender identity. While we respect your privacy, please know that sharing this information with us is always an option. By doing so, you help us offer you the support and care you deserve, ultimately contributing to your longer and healthier life.

Community Resources

NEW Health recognizes that healthcare extends beyond the walls of our facility. We are proud to be connected with a wide network of organizations and agencies throughout the Boston area that are ready to provide additional support to those who may need it most. To explore these valuable resources further, please visit our Community Resources page.

Share Your Preferences

Your comfort and respect are our top priorities. If you feel comfortable, we encourage you to share your preferred pronouns and name with us. This simple step helps us ensure that you receive the utmost respect and consideration during your healthcare journey.

At NEW Health, we are here to serve and support you, fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. Your well-being is our primary concern, and we’re honored to be your trusted healthcare partner.

NEW Health is committed to ending the HIV/AIDS Pandemic, and our team of providers offer an array of services to accomplish this goal. These include HIV and other STI testing, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP), outreach, education, and counseling services.

Additional Resources