Charlestown Community Fridge​

The NEW Health Community Fridge launched in late 2021 to directly increase food access in the Charlestown neighborhood. The fridge is located in an alcove at the front of the Health Center at 15 Tufts St. It is open 24/7 to anyone who needs food or wants to donate.

The fridge asks to follow these guidelines when donating food to the fridge. The Health Center is not able to maintain the fridge when it is closed on weekend and holidays. If you are interested in volunteering, please check out the calendar for availability and fill out the form for the day you want to help.

Rooftop Garden Program

In May of 2017, NEW Health began a rooftop garden at our 15 Tufts Street location. Students from the Harvard-Kent School and the Charlestown ABCD Head Start Program visit throughout the summer to learn about gardening, help grow the crops, and sample some of the fresh produce. Produce from the garden is also used in our monthly nutrition sessions, open to patients and community residents.

Produce Distribution

Once a month, NEW Health purchases bags of fresh fruits and vegetables to distribute to patients who have been notified in advance. If you are a NEW Health patient and would like a bag of produce, reach out to your provider for more information.

North End is on the 3rd Friday of the month

Charlestown is on the 4th Friday of the month

Grocery Assistance

The Food Access Program provides grocery store gift cards to Food Insecure homes in the North End and Charlestown neighborhoods on a monthly basis. These gift cards are distributed to local schools, community members, and patients. This initiative has continued through the COVID-19 Pandemic which has increased Food Insecurity everywhere.

Shelf Stable, Ready-to-Eat Foods

This initiative helps food insecure patients get immediate nutritious foods. When patients arrive for their appointments, they can request a bag which has been prepared by our staff nutritionist. Patients will leave the Health Center with a grocery bag of nutrient-rich foods.