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Backpack Drive

In a heartwarming display of community collaboration, NEW Health joined forces with the St. Lucy’s Society to organize a backpack drive for the nearby Eliot School. This joint effort not only exemplified the spirit of altruism but also demonstrated the power of collective action in supporting education and fostering a sense of togetherness among residents.

The masterminds behind this heartening initiative were Angela Mantone and Danny Coakley, whose passion for giving back to the community spurred them to orchestrate a backpack drive that would make a significant impact. The drive managed to gather over 80 backpacks along with boxes brimming with essential school supplies.

The culmination of their hard work was a moment of triumph as Joe Mantone and Vivian Aluia, alongside Michaela Considine, personally delivered the supplies to the Eliot’s Salem Street location.

Angela Mantone, Michaela Considine, Vivian Aluia, and Danny Coakley help with delivering school supplies to the Eliot School as part of the backpack drive.

Danny Coakley emphasized the significance of partnerships like this, stating, “When organizations like NEW Health and the St. Lucy’s Society collaborate, we have the potential to create lasting change. This backpack drive is just the beginning of what we can achieve together.”

The cooperation between NEW Health and the St. Lucy’s Society is a testament to the impact that can be achieved when different entities unite for a common cause. This heartwarming initiative not only provided tangible support to students in need but also demonstrated the compassion and generosity that exist within the community.

If you or your organization wants to make a difference in the North End or Charlestown communities, please reach out to our Outreach Team.

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